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With 20 years of experience and 2 convenient locations, Angels Touch offers full-service vehicle detailing and eco-friendly body work, including bumper repair. As a family-owned-and-operated business, we care for your vehicle like our own. Drive in for meticulous work on your prized ride. With several packages to choose from, your car is pristine bumper to bumper, undercarriage to sun roof.

Services We Offer

Auto Detailing

Dealership Services

Alloy Wheel Repair

Scratch & Dent Repair

Bumper Repair

Auto Body Painting


Vehicle Detailing In Bourne & Massachusetts

Choose From Vehicle Detailing Packages To Keep That Shiny, New Appearance. Angels Touch, Located In Bourne & Massachusetts, Offers Affordable Detailing Services. If These Packages Don’t Meet Your Needs, Create A Custom One For Your Vehicle.

Auto Detailing Packages

Complete Detail

  • Clean:Engine(Upon Customers
    Request Only)
  • Rims, Tires, Wheelwells, Road Residue, Interior
  • Doots, Dash, Cup Holders, Compartment
  • Windows (Interior/Exerior),Vacuum
  • Shampoo Floors, Seats & Carpets,Jams, Wash,
  • Wax And Machine Buff
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Interior Detail

  • Clean: All Doors, Dash, Cup
  • Compartments, Windows (Interior) Jams
  • Vacuum, Shampoo Floors, Seats & Carpets
  • Courtesy : Wash Auto
  • Clean Exterior
  • Windows
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Exterior Detail

  • Road Residue,Rims

  • Tires, Wheelwells
  • Jams, Windows (Exterior), Wash, Wax,
  • Machine Buff Exterior
  • Interior Windows
  • Windows
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Wash Vac Windows

  • Handwash Auto
  • Vacuum Complete Interior
  • Exterior Windows
  • Wheelwells
  • Clean Interior
  • Rims, Tires
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Mini Details

  • Rims ,Tires ,Interior
  • Dars Dompartments,
  • Hand Wash, Hand Wax
  • Road Residue
  • Windows Jams/li>
  • Wheelwells
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Clear FX Detail

  • It Is Not Wax Polish
  • Fancy Coating
  • Chermically Adhering
  • Product Is Guaranted Not To Peel
  • Firm Protective
  • Permanen Layer That Is Effective As A Modern
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Repair & Paint

Don’t Replace It!

Bumper, Wheel, & Body Repair In Bourne & Massachusetts

Save Money On Bumper Repair When You Drive Your Car Into Angels Touch, Located In Bourne & Massachusetts. In Addition To Bumper Repair, We Repair Alloy Wheels And Offer Full Auto Body Painting.


Any Type Of Bumper Is Repaired And Refinished To Factory Specifications. Expert Repairs Of Scratches, Cracks, Chips, Missing Paint, And Scuffs Make Your Bumper Look Brand New.

Auto Body and Collision

Did You Know Angels Touch is a Full Auto Body and Collision Center? We Pride Ourselves On Our Timely and Efficient Work. Angels Touch Offers Complete Auto Body Repair for: Bumpers, Rims, Panels, Collision, Insurance, Paintless Dent Removal, Paint Touch Up and so much more. All Prices Based on Estimate.

Alloy Wheel Repair

It May Cost You Hundreds Of Dollars For New Rims. Why Pay So Much When Angels Touch Repairs Them At A Fraction Of The Cost? Our Team Of Trained Professionals Meets All Your Vehicle’s Cosmetic Needs, Including Curb Damage, Corrosion, Rust, Scuffs, Scrapes, And Gouges. Custom Colors Ensure A Perfect Match.

Dealership Services

Best Dealership Services for Clients

  • Front Line Recon Prep

    • 1. Engine (GP - Top to Bottom
      & Rinse)
    • 2. Rims, Tires, Wheel Wells -
      Wet Car
    • 3. GP + Brick - Rinse

    • 4. Wash

    • 5. Clay

    • 6. Rinse

  • Select
  • Wash VAC Window Tires

    • 1. Rims, Tires, Wheel Wells, Rinse - Wet Car
    • 2. Wash

    • 3. Rinse

    • 4. Windows & Wipe (Dash, Doors etc.)

    • 5. Vac (Remove Mat & Move Seats) Vac Seats
    • 6. P Jams (Use Steel Wool or Scuff Pad & Clean Problem Spots)
    • 7. Tirecoat - Wheel Wells!

    • 8. Chammie

    • 9. Outside Windows

  • Select
  • Deliveries

    • 1. Engine (GP - Top to Bottom) Remove All Debrie)
    • 2. Rims, Tires, Wheel Wells - Rinse and Wet Care
    • 3. Wash (remove all writing and stickers)
    • 4. Rinse

    • 5. Windows, Inside (Wipe Dash, Doors etc, Remove All Stickers)
    • 6. Vac and Plastic

    • 7. GP Jams

    • 8. Tire Coat (Remove All Marks on Tire)
    • 9. Spray Wax Chamie (Look for Glue and Any Problems with Your Paint)
    • 10. Check Outside, Outside Windows

  • Select
  • Recon

    • 1. Engine (GP Plus Top to Buttom)

    • 2. Rims, Tires, Wheel Wells
      (Wet Car)
    • 3. Brick & GP,Wash,Clay, Tire
    • 4. Wet Sand, Comp, 3m, Glaze, Wipe Wax
    • 5. Outside Windows, Check
    • 6. Rinse ,Vac, Shampoo, Jams, Paste Wax
    • 7. GP (If it doesnt have carpet you GP it!)
    • 8. Shine (Two tones - all you black!)

    • 9. Windows inside (Remove Inspection Sticker)
    • 10. Spotter (For Any Remaining Road Residue)
  • Select
  • It Restores Damaged Clear Coat, Meaning That It Adds To Rather Than Subtracts From The Existing Clear Coat. This Product Is Guaranteed Not To Peel, Flake,

  • It Restores Damaged Clear Coat, Meaning That It Adds To Rather Than Subtracts From The Existing Clear Coat. This Product Is Guaranteed Not To Peel, Flake,

  • It Restores Damaged Clear Coat, Meaning That It Adds To Rather Than Subtracts From The Existing Clear Coat. This Product Is Guaranteed Not To Peel, Flake,

Clear - FX

Before And After

Clear-FX Is Unique, Restorative, And Permanent. Clear-FX Stands Alone As It Actualy Increases The Vaiue And Life Of A Vehicle.It Is Not A Wax,Polish Sealant, Or Fancy”Coating” But A Hand-Applied, Chemicall Adhering, Clear Coat Treatment Which Self-Levels And Cures Evenly And Consistenly.It Restores Damaged Clear Coat, Meaning That It Adds To Rather Than Subtracts From The Existing Clear Coat. This Product Is Guaranteed Not To Peel, Flake, Or Wash Off.Rather, It Results In A Hard, Firm, Protective, And Permanent Layer That Is Just As Effective As A Modern Clear Coat.

Clear-FX Permanently Repairs

  • Scratches
  • Swirl Marks
  • Oxidation
  • Fading
  • Paint Chips
  • And More !

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